Radically Inclusive

An intentional, radically inclusive LGBTQ+ and BIPOC centered, multiracial and multicultural campus for healing, wellness and joy. 

You are welcome here!

Transformative Healing

Primary Care

Maintain your health and build connections to a full spectrum of care. We are committed to fostering a dynamic wellness and healing community to promote and support primary care resilience, health equity and value. Everyone is deserving of wellness – and so are you!

Mental Health Therapy

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with our Mental Health Therapy services. Our compassionate therapists are here to provide a safe-r, nonjudgmental space, helping you navigate life’s challenges and work towards lasting change.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Ensure the effectiveness and safety of your psychiatric medications with our Medication Management services.

Psychedelic Medicine

Tap into the wisdom of psychedelic therapy medicine delivered in individual and group psychotherapeutic integration formats. Psychedelics are entering into a renaissance period with renewed interest, scientific vigor and newfound potential to help support those in search of healing and health. 

Group Offerings + Events

Experience the power of community with our Group Offerings. Connect with others who share similar experiences, find support, and grow together in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Radically Rooted in Community Care.

Welcome to Radical Healing, where we work to create a safe-r space of inclusivity, empowerment, and radically authentic care.

Our diverse team of professionals are dedicated to supporting every individual on their unique journey, with a special focus on serving all people, especially the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community.

    Black Mental Health Fund

    The Black Mental Health Fund by Radical Healing is dedicated to offering free and accessible mental health care to Black queer and trans individuals. This initiative supports our Black therapists in their vital work, ensuring culturally responsive care is available to those in need.

    Your Support Matters

    Join us in this crucial effort. Every donation directly aids our therapists in providing compassionate care, free of charge, to the Black queer and trans community.

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